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What is Techkat-Z?

What can you expect here?

Welcome to Techkat-Z, where you can find beginner-friendly tutorials, easy to follow projects for mid-level developers, and in-depth discussion about specific expert topics. Everything based on .NET Core and related technologies.
On top of that, you will also find a variety of code challenges with not only solution but furthermore coherent explanations. Techkat-Z is a place to evolve your talent for software development.


Our current and future problems are a lot easier to solve with technical expertise. Besides, we sincerely believe sharing knowledge, experience, and passion is a rigorous continuation of the philosophy of the enlightenment. Techkat-Z is our contribution. We want to unleash the curiosity about technology, math, and science. Our mission is nothing less than that our readers are as fascinated by coding as much as we are.

TechKat-Z: source of exciting und easy to understand tutorials

All our tutorials are sorted into three different categories: Beginner, Intermedia, and Expert. Typically, a tutorial will guide you from the start of a project (or the basics of a tool/technology) to a deep understanding of how it works. Every tutorial is a series of posts, everyone with a single lesson and a summary. Perfect for a daily workout.


A beginner is for us someone with not much knowledge but instead a keen interest. To thrive your curiosity, we conceived our tutorials around themes related to the maker community. For instance, building a robotic gadget. All you need to know about materials, electrical engineering, and software development will be explained step by step. Hu-Go can be your first self-build remote-controlled robotic vehicle. Just give him a try.


In the intermedia section, you can await complete project walkthroughs: starting by the idea till a deployment-ready solution. To complete this tutorial with a lot of joy, we expect that you have a moderate level of experience. Maybe you are working as a Junior Developer or are just curious how to put all your knowledge together to develop high-quality solutions. Explanations in this section are more about concepts and patterns instead of far-reaching descriptions of technology.


Even if you have a lot of experience, here you can still find a lot more to learn. Tutorials in the expert sections will get you an in deep understanding of specific technologies and cover them not only as a separate component but instead painting a big picture where it can be included in your new or ongoing projects. Exercises in this section may also help to classify technology wheatear they are useful for you or not.

Solving Code Challenges are not only beneficial to succeed in a job interview. A good challenge can help you by becoming better. You have to solve an unknown problem in a short time manner. But what if you don’t find the right solution or want to discuss your solution?
Therefore, we provide not only code challenges but more important a clear path of how to solve it. Besides, we explain why we have chosen a particular solution.
Also, who don’t like to solve puzzles?

As a unique service, you can send us your code challenge, and we will provide you with feedback and solutions.


Besides, to our ‘daily’ work here at TechKat-Z – breaking knowledge into easily understandable lessons in our tutorials -, some of our contributors want to share projects they are working one. These projects follow our visions of sharing knowledge and technology. Browse through the software projects and discover how our contributors solve other problems. 

DaAPI, which is an acronym for DHCP and API, is a free, cross-platform and open-source DHCP(v4) und DHCPv6 Server.  Using .NET Core, it supports Windows, Mac, and a lot of Linux distributions out of the box.

The API portion means that everything is controllable via an REST-styled Web API

Besides, DaAPI has a unique resolver concept, creating a very flexible way to assign IP addresses. DaAPI has a lot of built-in resolvers. Some resolvers are very general, like MAC addresses based ones and others are very specialists like ‘Cisco-SG-Switch-Option82’ resolver.

About the team

TechKat-Z was founded by Benjamin Kappel, but it is open to anyone. Furthermore, we need you to build a community. Everyone can become a part of TechKat-Z.  We are always looking for individuals who commit to the vision behind it: sharing knowledge to helping others.

Have a look at our team page. You can explore who is helping us and what position we are searching for.  


You can write a mail to info@techkat-z.org and we will reply soon.

You connect with us or write a message on linkedIn.