The team behind TechKat-Z

The Vision that thrives us

A better world awaits you

What we need are people to create solutions for the future and having the courage and creativity to finding new, better solutions to improve their communities around the globe. TechKat-Z is a project from individuals that want to share their knowledge, experience, and passion for coding, technology, science, and math. Our readers should become better than we selves. We are committed to create not only unique learning materials but to help you to really understand how things are working. We want nothing less than giving you the tools to change the world.

We need you!

TechKat-Z is open to everyone. This means not only that you can access everything without a charge or cost, but also you can collaborate in a variety of ways. You can write comments helping us to improve our materials, our giving hints for other readers. You can talk about our project with others. You can become an author, a technical contributor, or supporting us in our public relations. You are more than welcome to participate. Don’t hesitate to contact us and talk about the possibilities.

The Team

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Benjamin Kappel

Benjamin is the author and founder of TechKat-Z. He studied electrical engineering in Germany and has always been passionate about inspiring others to understand complicated issues ‘I don’t know what my mission is, but it has to be more than just stumbling through life. For me, it’s about helping others to realize what they are capable of’.

Peter Argent

Peter Argent contributes to TechKat-Z as a reviewer, ensuring quality in our materials. He works as a coding teacher among others for the united nations and has arranged coding camps around the world. Besides, he helps small businesses to unleash their full potential with a mix of innovation management and technology consulting.

Becoming a part of TechKat-Z​

Congratulations, you are already a part of TechKat-Z because you showed genuine interest by reading all these lines. Thank you for that. But you can do even more by actively support our visions and helping us to improve our content, our platform, or our social media presence. The easiest way to do so is to write a message to Tell a little bit about yourself and what you want to do. We respond individually and fast to each mail.

Currently, we need a social media genius helping us to increase our reach so that we can help more people to unleash their potential.